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Example output from DNA-binding residue prediction for 1TSR Chain B for the DNA-binding protein p53

This PDB entry has 3 chains, A, B and C, with chain B in the X-Ray crystal being bound to DNA, the main DNA-binding residues are Lys120, Ser241, Arg248, Arg273, Ala276 and Arg280. All three chains have an identical structure, the prediction for chain B DNA-binding residues is made without any preknowledge of the DNA.

Welcome to DR_bind, the DNA-binding residue prediction server and the results for 1TSR chain B

Status: Job FINISHED

You can find a PyMol .pml file here for download, the original and the cleaned up PDB files and also the raw output from the prediction process. To download the files please right-click on the following links.

Original PDB file: 1TSR.orig, Original ConSurf file: 1TSR.consurf,

Cleaned PDB file: 1TSR.pdb, Pymol pml files: 1TSR.pml, Text output files: 1TSR.txt,

Predicted DR_bind DNA-binding residues in your structure

Pro177, His178, Asn239, Ser241, Cys242, Met243, Gly244, Asn247, Arg248, Arg249, Pro250, Arg273, Ala276,

Plot of RNA binding residues vs. residue numner for 1A9N and C, residues predicted to be involved in RNA binding are scored as 1, those not predicted to be involved are scored as 0.5.

Residues plot

The image shows the backbone of your protein structure, the predicted DR_bind DNA binding results are depicted in red.

If the image to the left is missing, then you probably need to turn on Javascript for your browser and restart your browser. We use the JSmol Javascript version of Jmol to produde these images.
To get information on a residue hover the mouse over that residue for ~1 second,
To rotate use left-click,
To translate use ctrl & right-click and
To zoom use the mouse wheel.

Right-clicking on the image will bring up the Jmol menu and also allows the console to be displayed for additional selections to be made.

DR_bind is hosted at The Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei 11529, Taiwan.